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Your sponsorship of a child for a period of one year provides all of the tuition, books, uniforms, and schools supplies that a student needs to succeed. Our students are selected for their academic promise as well as their financial need.

Your sponsorship connects you with your special student. You will receive a photo and a letter from your student, in addition to regular grade reports.

Finally, in order to qualify for a scholarship, our selected students must agree to provide community service to Agua Verde. It is our intent that these children mature not only as scholars, but also a good citizens.

For much less than $1 per day, you can shape the future of a very worthy, very promising young student in Agua Verde who needs your help.

Price: $225 (You can add addtional sponsorships once you've added one to your shopping cart)


Your donations make our work possible. Every dollar that we receive is put to work for the benefit of the children of Agua Verde, Sinaloa, Mexico.

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